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Harry Potter, PC, PS5, Review Round Up, Sony, Warner, Xbox Series X -

The embargo is over and the reviews are starting to come out for one of the most hotly anticipated releases in recent memory. Let's not waste any time and get stuck right in! 

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Review Round Up, The Callisto Protocol -

Now the hype has settled and judgement has been cast, will it be a gore-geous post release period for The Callisto Protocol or will gamers of Japan revel with glee that the over zealous ban hammer acted so swiftly in their region?

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Darksiders 3, Darksiders III, Review Round Up, THQ Nordic -

The review scores are trickling in for Darksiders 3 due for release tomorrow and if you've had the courage to pre order with your favourite online retailer then you may want to look away now!  "If you like Darksiders, you can give it a go in the knowledge that it will immediately feel familiar, made by a team with a lot of love for the IP. However, the one point of criticism Darksiders has always had to contend with still holds true: you've seen all of what it has to offer before. I can now confidently say that Darksiders has...

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