Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Nintendo Switch)

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  • A bloodless coup - Lead the incomparable valvatorez, a Vampire bound by promises, and the ramshackle cast of werewolves, Angels, failed final bosses and more in a story of love, loss and...Presidential politics!?
  • Disgaea now, Disgaea forever - Level to 9, 999? Make it happen. Custom maps? Build your own! Bargeinto other players games on a flying pirate ship? Why not!? Now with new social online features coming after launch
  • and that's not all (!?) - everything to ever Grace Disgaea 4 is here! With over 30 unlockable characters, extra story campaigns, and modern flourishes to the Disgaea FORMULA, Disgaea 4 complete+ offers as deep and smooth of an RPG experience as there has ever been