Intellivision Amico (HDW)

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RELEASE DATE: 31st Dec 2022 

DEVELOPER: Intellivision

PUBLISHER: Intellivision

Genre: Home Video  Game Console 


Intellivision amigo is a video game Entertainment system designed to bring social fun back to the living room! Amino is the Italian word for "friend" Or "buddy" And intellivision Amico fully encapsulates this meaning with a home video game console that has fun, value and togetherness at its core. Amico easily hooks up to a TV and comes with six premium games. Two easy-to-use color touch screen controllers come standard and up to six more can be added, making game play enjoyable for up to eight simultaneous players of all skill levels. Affordable, family-friendly games encourage group participation and teamwork, and are safe for all ages - there's no graphic violence/Blood, bad language, or inappropriate content. Designed to appeal to a broad audience from nostalgic gamer's to families who want to enjoy fun games together, Amico is the perfect new friend for your home!.