Mario Kart Monopoly Gamer Power Pack - Yoshi

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Release date: 6 December 2018

Product description

The Monopoly brand has joined forces with mario kart in the monopoly gamer mario kart board game!

With monopoly gamer mario kart power packs, character tokens grant unique abilities to optimize players' gameplay experience.

Ideal for players to expand their mario kart character collection as they battle for the highest score.

Each power pack includes a character token and a character card.

Kids can choose from metal mario, yoshi, shy guy, bowser, rosalina, and donkey kong.

Collect all 6 characters. (Each sold separately)

  • Character token has distinct abilities to take the board game to the next level
  • For use with Monopoly gamer Mario kart board game
  • Each power pack includes 1 character token and 1 character card
  • Features Nintendo's Mario kart characters
  • For ages 8 +