Transformers Rise of Dark Spark (PS4)

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RELEASE DATE: 27th June 2014

DEVELOPER: Edge of Reality


GENRE: Action Adventure


TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE DARK SPARK continues the saga of the valiant AUTOBOTS and villainous DECEPTICONS, sentient robotic life forms who bring their cataclysmic war across the galaxy to planet Earth. The battle for the Dark Spark – an ancient, destructive relic, equal in power to the Matrix of Leadership – spans the TRANSFORMERS ruined home world of Cybertron in the past, as well as their new sanctuary on Earth. Over 40 playable AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS from both sides fuel this perilous conflict, inspired by many of the amazing action sequences directed by Michael Bay, across the game’s engrossing single player campaign and its wave-based, cooperative multiplayer mode, Escalation.