Wii Party - Nintendo Selects (Nintendo Wii)

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  • House Party - here the Wii Remote becomes the star of the show! Your versatile Wii Remote will really come into its own, making different animal noises for you to recognise, or turning into a time bomb you need to pass to your neighbour as quickly as possible: The action will transfer from the TV screen into the living room as you discover an all-new way to play Wii.
  • Party Games mode features minigames for up to four players! A wide variety of party games allow up to four players, some of which can be computer-controlled, to compete for victory: All the games are simple to grasp, so you can dive straight in and party.
  • Pair Games - the home of two-player action! There are times when two's company and three's a crowd: Enjoy teaming up with another player, competing with them head to head, or checking your compatibility with Friend Connection.