Broforce (Nintendo Switch)

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RELEASE DATE: 23th February 2024



GENRE: Action



When Evil Threatens The World, The World Calls On Broforce - An Under-Funded, Over-Powered Paramilitary Organization Dealing Exclusively In Excessive Force. Brace Your Loins With Up To Four Players To Run ‘N’ Gun As Dozens Of Different Bros And Eliminate The Opposing Terrorist Forces That Threaten Our Way Of Life. Unleash Scores Of Unique Weapons And Set Off Incredible Chain Reactions Of Fire, Napalm, And Limbs In The Name Of Freedom. The Physical Sku Includes All The Game´S Expansions And Updates In Disc/Cartridge, Including The Latest Broforce Forever Update Making This The Ultimate Version Of The Game. The Final Update (Broforce Forever) Offers An Improved And Expanded Campaign With New Unlocks, Along With Six New Ultra Patriotic Bros, Four New New Democracy-Spreading Challenge Levels, And The Ultimate Expression Of Military Might – Bug Fixes. Characteristics - The Broforce, Deliver Your Own Brand Of Shock And Awe With Dozens Of Bros Each With Their Own Unique Weaponry And Special Attacks Designed To Dispatch Freedom Across The World - Bro-Op And Deathmatch, Battle Terrorism With Up To Four Players In Cooperative Mode Or Sever Ties With Your Bros And Face Each Other In Several Bombastic Competitive Modes - Fully Destructible Everything, Destructible Terrain Opens Up A Slew Of Strategic Options While The Abundance Of Exploding Red Barrels Of Justice Can Literally Level The Playing Field With One Shot.