Promenade (PS4)

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Release date: 23rd February 2024
Genre: Adventure
Age Rating: PEGI 7

Promenade is a 2D collect-a-thon/exploration/adventure game that takes place in an oniric and enchanting world. Have you ever wanted to explore a world full of mysteries and unique environments? Put on your hoodie, grab your poulp friend with you and get ready to catch everything you can!


  • Promenade is an exploration/adventure game. Since it’s a 2D collect-a-thon, the way you progress in the game is very similar to games such as Mario64 or Banjo-Kazooie.
  • The main character of Promenade (the Kid) is joined on his adventure by a poulp that hangs on to his back like a backpack.
  • The poulp completes the Kid’s moveset and allows him to interact with his surroundings.
  • The Kid can throw his companion poulp which then acts like a boomerang and brings back enemies and objects.
  • The wide variety of objects brings a lot of diversity to the game and allows a lot of fun interactions.
  • When the kid is airborne, if he is carrying an object in his hands, he can throw the object down, which makes him perform a double jump.
  • Some power-ups can be unlocked through the game.