Wolfenstein: The New Order - Occupied Edition (Xbox One)

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One of gaming's most iconic first-person shooters returns as players once again assume the role of Captain B.J. Blazkowicz and battle the brutal Nazi menace in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Having spent more than a decade suffering from amnesia in an asylum, Blazkowicz escapes into 1960s Europe only to find a world where the Nazis won WWII and now control the entire globe. The action finds gamers embarking on a nearly impossible mission to infiltrate the Nazi compound Deathshead, and battling robots and giant super soldiers on a trek to take down General Wilhelm Strasse. Dissimilar to the most contemporary first-person shooters, The New Order doesn't let players recover health simply by avoiding combat for a few moments. Health regenerates in small segments, and gamers must use a cover and lean mechanic to avoid taking too much damage, while locating health or armour to fully recover. Players can acquire armour by killing Nazis and then taking their helmets or by destroying robot dogs and using the leftover parts and they can even eat dog food to increase their health. There are also number of perk trees that reward gamers with upgrades and new abilities depending on the way they engage in combat.