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Marvel's Spider-Man 2, PlayStation 5, Pre Order, PS5, Sony -

Attention all web-slinging enthusiasts and die-hard Marvel fans! The much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man is finally on the horizon. Prepare yourselves for an epic adventure as Marvel's Spider-Man 2 swings its way onto the Sony PlayStation 5 on the 20th of October 2023. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to pre-order your copy today at Gear up, because the city of New York needs its friendly neighbourhood superhero once again!

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Capcom, PlayStation 5, PS5, Sony, Street Fighter 6, Xbox Series X -

Welcome to the electrifying world of Street Fighter, where button-mashing battles and legendary fighters collide! This iconic video game series, known for its unforgettable characters, intense gameplay, and addictive combat, has won the hearts and thumbs of gamers worldwide. So, grab a cuppa and get ready to throw some punches in our nostalgic journey through the streets of pixelated glory!

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