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The review scores are trickling in for Darksiders 3 due for release tomorrow and if you've had the courage to pre order with your favourite online retailer then you may want to look away now!  "If you like Darksiders, you can give it a go in the knowledge that it will immediately feel familiar, made by a team with a lot of love for the IP. However, the one point of criticism Darksiders has always had to contend with still holds true: you've seen all of what it has to offer before. I can now confidently say that Darksiders has...

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Although technically, Fury’s horse has a name: Rampage For some, the original song (by the band America) is related to series, movies, or games (Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Air America, Hideous Kinky, The Trip, American Hustle, GTA San Andreas etc.).For some, the original song is a memory of their youth and/or upbringing. For some, this version (by Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney) is tied to the series of BoJack Horseman. For some, after watching this video, we hope the memory will be tied to the story of Fury in Darksiders III.[Contrary to belief, it...

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