8-Bit Invaders! (PS4 XO) Gameplay Trailer

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8-Bit Invaders! (PS4 XO) Gameplay Trailer

Invade the multiverse
In 8-Bit Invaders!, players build a base and raise a colossal army of sci-fi units such as “Floating Brains”, “Blast Bugs” and “Xenodogs”, to conquer their enemies. There are two different factions to sow death and destruction with, the savage Cranioids and the brave warriors of the Galactic Marine Corps. The multiverse becomes a turbulent battleground in this fast-paced and colorful RTS full of action.
8-Bit RTS Series
8-Bit Invaders! is the third game in Petroglyph’s 8-Bit RTS Series, following 8-Bit Armies and 8-Bit Hordes. All three games in the series support online cross-title multiplayer between the different titles. The founders of Petroglyph, known for their work on many successful RTS games such as Command & ConquerTM, have transferred the simplicity of classic RTS games to this new generation. DSOGaming described the 8-Bit RTS Series as follows in their review: “Petroglyph’s 8-bit games can be summed up as fun, minimalistic RTS games that are reminiscent of the grandfathers of the genre”.

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