Crusader Kings III in Numbers 18 Million Murders 4 Million Betrothals 1 Cannibalised Pope

Crusader Kings III in Numbers 18 Million Murders 4 Million Betrothals 1 Cannibalised Pope

After 25 million hours played, Paradox releases 1.1 patch for the critically acclaimed grand strategy role-playing title

Since launching on September 1, would-be monarchs across the land have flocked to Crusader Kings III, Paradox Interactive’s critically-acclaimed grand strategy role-playing title. To celebrate the game’s popularity, Paradox has today shared a number of marvelous and mischievous accomplishments players have achieved to-date. The publisher has also released a patch fit for a King, bringing a veritable army of updates and fixes to the game.

Crusader Kings III players have taken their thrones and begun cultivating royal bloodlines strong enough to lead armies, cunning enough to withstand the most devious of schemes, and charismatic enough to shape culture and religion. Many, however, have also failed spectacularly.

Lords and Ladies of the realm have spent over 25 million hours playing Crusader Kings III to date, equaling more than 2,800 years of in-game playtime. Within those hours, there have been:

  • 40,591,268 children born
  • 18,212,157 successful murder schemes executed
  • 4,364,279 betrothals
  • 1,543,790 prisoners cannibalised
  • Including at least one Pope...
  • 1,451,427 holy wars started
  • 716,369 stress breaks
  • 370,305 pets petted
  • 141,597 universities founded
  • 122,364 escapes from prison
  • 29,454 Roman Empires restored

Patch 1.1 improves Crusader Kings III with hundreds of updates and fixes. Highlights include:

A host of bug fixes, including changes to character interactions and succession rules.

Corrections to the historical setup in many regions.

Key balance changes to many parts of the game, including succession rules, nation formation, and military management.

User interface tweaks including new siege views, a bookmark screen, and a general makeover.

Tougher Mongol invasions.

Improved AI decision making.

New abilities for modders.

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