Farming Simulator League starts at FarmCon 19 at CLAAS, Harsewinkel

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Farming Simulator League starts at FarmCon 19 at CLAAS, Harsewinkel

GIANTS Software, creator of the well-known Farming Simulator series and CLAAS, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment, are pleased to announce that CLAAS will be hosting this year’s FarmCon 19, the game’s largest farm sim community event at their headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany. Fans of Farming Simulator and CLAAS can also look forward to deeper collaborations between the two companies in the future.

In 2016, GIANTS Software organized the first FarmCon to meet fans in person, give presentations about how they can use mods to add user generated content to the game and show previews of future versions of the game. The concept turned out to be very popular and after starting with 250 participants the event’s attendance rose to over one thousand in 2018.

FarmCon 19 will take place on July 27th/28th at the CLAAS Headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany which will visitors also give the exciting opportunity to take part in factory tours and more. The event will also mark the beginning of the new Farming Simulator League, a season of 10 eSports tournaments with a total prize pool of €250.000 and at least €15.000 for each tournament alone.

„We are looking forward to welcoming the fans of Farming Simulator here at our headquarters in Harsewinkel this summer“, Stefanie Wiktor, Head of CLAAS Merchandising, says. „Furthermore we are also excited about working together with GIANTS Software in the future. Just be patient!“, she added, „We’ve got big plans. And maybe a few surprises.“

„While I am sure most of our enthusiastic players already know CLAAS, FarmCon 19 will be the perfect opportunity for them to take a look at their world famous machines in real life and visit the factories where they are manufactured“, says Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software, „It’s always great to meet players in person and this time they’ll be able to get a glimpse of what we are working on with one of their favourite brands.“

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