Grow Big (or Go Home) Ultimate Edition Out Now on Steam

Grow Big (or Go Home) Ultimate Edition Out Now on Steam

2D pixel-art indoor gardening simulator

Independent development studio Quarant Inc. has released a major free update for Grow Big (or Go Home) on Steam. The game is already available on Steam for £6.19 (discount of 37% applies so £3.90 for the next two weeks).

Grow Big (or Go Home) is a 2D pixel-art indoor gardening simulator in which you play as Bruce, the world's most talented indoor gardener, through 30+ fast-paced levels.

“We wanted to provide players with some hectic fun which is easy to learn but challenging to master”, says Killian Mangan, Team/Creative Lead at Quarant Inc. “We are most proud of our entirely original music and our visually diverse pixel-art style and locations''.

In Grow Big (or Go Home): Ultimate Edition you’ll travel to new locations and eras in order to water, light, and tend to the most tricky plants with the high-tech magic of a watering can and a reflective mirror.

Ultimate Edition Features

  • 16 new hard-mode levels to add an extra challenge upon completion of the main game.
  • A significantly-improved procedurally-generated replayable level set in Hell, with all new high-scores.
  • 3 new outfits, which can be unlocked by gaining enough stars in levels.
  • 3 brand new locations - Japan, Atlantis, and VR World.
  • Major visual upgrades and changes to almost all levels.

  • Full-expanded and improved original music themed to each location that the player visits.
  • Improved tutorials and settings.
  • Spanish language options added.
  • Cute dog and petting mechanic added.

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