New Paladins Battle Pass Out Now !!

New Paladins Battle Pass Out Now !!

Angels descend into the Realm as Paladins’ plans for the year are revealed

Today Paladins: Champions of the Realm launched its new major content update named Eternal Pyre. Paladins’ Eternal Pyre Battle Pass is now out and unlocks four new Exclusive Skins straight from the Realm’s heavens, plus a darker Recolor for each.

All gold and blue and angelic wings come Eternal Retribution Koga, Eternal Conflict Jenos, and Eternal Conflict Lian—guarded as always by Khan with his Eternal Guardian skin. The Battle Pass also features a hundred more thematic rewards such as Chests, Avatars, Loading Frames, and more.

The playerbase of Paladins continued to grow in 2020 and is now over 45 million strong. Even more content is set to hit the Realm in 2021 with the game’s update cycle picking up the pace from a quarterly to a bimonthly basis.

The community reaffirmed how much they loved new Champions—especially with the latest recruit Vora greeted with unanimous excitement last October—and all will be thrilled to hear just who will join the Realm next year.

Evil Mojo Games is about to reveal that and much more tomorrow during Paladins’ next update show followed by the ‘Hi-Rez Presents’ keynote on at 3:30 pm EST. It will also include major new Season announcements for Rogue Company and SMITE.   The keynote comes as part of the company-wide online celebration Hi-Rez Showcase, also featuring the yearly Cosplay Contest, various panels, and more community fun, as well as esports thrills with the SMITE World Championships.



Talon Rifle/Pistol Talon Rifle Post-hit delay increased 1s -> 1.25s 


Light machine Gun Damage per shot decreased 170 -> 160

 Unfair Advantage Reduced the duration increase 1|1 -> 0.8|0.8

 Nowhere to Hide Reduced duration of Reveal 1|1 -> 0.7|0.7 

 Khan Heavy Repeater Damage increased per shot 180 -> 190

 Battle Shout Increased Healing done 1000 -> 1100 

 Sha Lin 

 Sand Trap NEW: Duration of Cripple reduced by 1s


 Submachine Guns Damage decreased per shot 40 -> 36 


 Billow Reduced Movement Speed increase 30% -> 10% 

Up in Smoke Increased Movement Speed during Billow 8|8 -> 11|11%


 Base Health 3400 -> 4000




 Fixed an issue where the Star Glam Blaster was not unlocked when the Star Glam skin was obtained in the Bounty Store.


 Fixed an issue where the Mana UI was not cantered on the UI. 


 Fixed an issue where Vortex Grip would not apply an increased Stun duration to enemies.


 Fixed an issue where the challenge “Kill Players with Presence after hitting them with Valor” could not be completed.

 Fixed an issue where the Merrymaker skin was not unlocked properly when obtained in the Bounty Store.


 Fixed an issue where the client would crash when Vora stood on the elevator in Foreman’s Rise or in the Wind on Warder’s Gate while using her Ultimate. 

Fixed an issue where the Darkness UI was not cantered on the UI. 

Fixed an issue where Obliteration would not make Vora immune to Executes. 

Fixed an issue where the Inevitability card was missing 2D art.

 Fixed an issue where Vora was not damage-immune during the damage portion of her Ultimate.

 Fixed an issue where Vora’s Ultimate could execute enemies through certain damage-immune states. 


 Fixed an issue where the challenge “Kill Players with Spite after hitting them with Counter” could not be completed.


 Fixed several collision issues on the updated Frozen Guard map. 

Fixed an issue where an item would be selected on Gamepad if hovered twice in quick succession.

 Fixed a number of potential crash cases that would occur in various menus.

 Fixed an issue where the Ranked UI scene displayed an incorrect number of days remaining for the Season. 

Fixed an issue where the incorrect prompts for menus could display on screen when using Gamepad in certain situations. 

Fixed an issue where the Unlock button could improperly display on certain Chests after everything in the Chest was obtained. 

2021 PATCH 1



 Fixed an issue where the Condescension card would activate multiple times when used with the Combustible talent. 

Fixed an issue where the Dominator and Mastery MVP Poses were using the incorrect poses.


 Fixed an issue where enemies could shoot through Shield in specific circumstances. 

Fixed an issue where rotating Fernando’s model slightly while Shield is active could cause some visual desync between where the shield is physically and visually.


 Fixed an issue where Jenos’ Astral Mark and Corvus’ Mark of Fate would have incorrect visual behavior on the Dragon. 


 Fixed an issue where Vora could cancel her Ultimate animation early in certain circumstances.

 Fixed issues with Vora’s weapon shots not registering correctly against Terminus’ Power Siphon and Androxus’ Reversal.


 Fixed further collision issues with the updated Frozen Guard map.

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