Overcooked! 2 serves up new summery dishes with free Sun’s Out Buns Out DLC

Overcooked! 2 serves up new summery dishes with free Sun’s Out Buns Out DLC

New chefs, new levels, and new delicious seasonal dishes await players on Sunday!

  Team17 and Ghost Town Games are dishing up a fresh plate of free culinary chaos for Overcooked! 2 players this Sunday (5th July), with the release of the brand-new and seasonal Sun’s Out Buns Out downloadable content on PC (console release will follow later this month). In addition to two new canine chefs, the update sees two tantalising dishes arrive on the menu, and an additional five fresh levels to cook through.

Key Features:

New chefs: A new pair of lovable canine chefs are ready to help (or hinder) players in the heat of the kitchen

Summer recipes: Whether it’s cooling off with an ice cream float or staying healthy with a summer salad, chefs have two new dishes to rustle up

New levels: It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t get to go on holiday, and Sun’s Out Buns Out takes you to five new destinations

Start the party: What’s better to start the summer than a parade? Expect fireworks, confetti, and floats to spice up your game

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