Star Wars Jedi Survivor PRE ORDER UPDATES

Star Wars Jedi Survivor PRE ORDER UPDATES

Good morning everyone,
I hope you are well.
We've had a bit of nightmare with couriers this week and it appears the issues are continuing. I paid almost £9k for the Star Wars stock on Tuesday morning which was dispatched by our supplier the same day. On Wednesday 26th, I received a one hour time slot from DPD of between 4:20PM and 5:20PM. So, I began printing the orders off in preparation for the stock arriving. At 5PM, I received a notification from DPD saying "sorry we missed you" despite me being on site and the premises being open. I immediately contacted the courier and our supplier in order to follow up and investigate. I did not hear anything back from the courier at all. Thursday 27th, I receive an email from DPD stating the stock will arrive at our office between 3:20PM and 4:20PM and it does. So, I manage to get 180ish orders packed within the hour. I bag up all the orders and place the 4 sacks in my car before dropping the sacks off at Llansamlet sorting office. I go home and spend over 2 hours individually emailing every single customer their bonus DLC code and I go to bed thinking that, despite all the worry, in the end, all the orders had been dispatched and I can now focus on next week's new releases. However, the morning of Friday 28th April I receive quite a few enquiries from customers saying the tracking has not been updated on their order. So, I log in to Click & Drop to check and sure enough, not a single order that was dispatched yesterday has been updated. None of the new releases. And none of the back catalogue orders or marketplace orders. So, I immediately phone Royal Mail and speak to an agent. I tell him how urgent this matter is. He then asks what's in the orders and I say "video games". He asks "is it Star Wars?" To which I say "yes" and he begins laughing. At which point, I lose my head and ask him not to laugh because of the implications this has on my business. He then puts me on hold and cold transfers me to another department. Dealing with couriers is an absolute nightmare. It really is. It's just me here. I spend 70 hour weeks, trying my damn hardest to get everything right and for the most part I do. But the reality is, 4 years of getting it right can be absolutely blown out of the water by one new release not going to plan. I have gone to the sorting office this morning and asked for them to investigate the location of the stock. I was told by the lady at the front desk "I will have a look but I don't expect to find anything." Unbelievable. I am currently waiting for a call back from the sorting office. 
UPDATE - The local sorting office called at 12:46PM to advise they have found the orders and have begun working on them now. 
Best wishes

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  • Raymond jarvis

    Great gav hope you are not too stressed

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