View the 'Chorus 101' trailer to get up to warp speed

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View the 'Chorus 101' trailer to get up to warp speed


View the 'Chorus 101' trailer to get up to warp speed

Deep Silver together with developer FISHLABS released a brand-new trailer for the dark space-shooter Chorus. The 'Chorus 101' trailer introduces players to the story and gameplay mechanics of the title. 
In Chorus you take control of ace pilot Nara, a fugitive on a quest to destroy the dark cult that created her while facing her haunted past along the way. Along with her sentient starfighter, Forsaken, she explores ancient temples, engaging in exhilarating zero-g combat and fighting to unite the resistance forces against the cult (known as the Circle) and their leader, the Great Prophet.
The 101 trailer highlights the trials that Nara and Forsaken will need to endure if they hope to overthrow the Circle. Only by taking on dangerous quests across the galaxy will they have a chance.
Key features of Chorus:
  • A compelling single-player experience
  • Play as dual protagonists Nara and her sentient AI companion and starfighter, Forsaken, on a personal journey of redemption
  • Experience fast-paced, frenetic action that evolves the spirit of classic space shooters
  • Fight to unite resistance forces against the Circle and their ominous leader, the Great Prophet
  • Face down hordes of enemy starfighters, titanic battleships and unknown Void entities
  • Reclaim, upgrade, and wield devastating weapons and powers in zero-g dogfights
  • Explore a dark new sci-fi universe, teeming with mystery and conflict
  • Enjoy gorgeous next gen sci-fi visuals in 4K, from cosmic vistas to sprawling space stations
  • Engineered to take advantage of next-gen hardware, enhancements include:
  • 4K resolution at 60fps
  • Advanced enemy ship destruction
  • Higher quality volumetric
  • Richer environmental effects

Purchase Chorus on PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X by following this link.

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